My long tenure of developing and designing buildings and urban neighborhoods stems from the initial attempt by my father, Walter, and me to bring a neighborhood to life in Newark, New Jersey, in 1968. That project failed, but it was the first step in a long journey that has led to the creation of LinX Redevelopment. Through LinX, I can use my considerable experience and expertise to continue--on a non-profit basis – the redevelopment of neighborhoods that includes housing for low-income families.

The core assets built in the 1990s and the first years of the new millennium are valued in the hundreds of millions (in today’s economy, perhaps a billion-and-a-half), and form the foundation of the business taken over by David and Michael. My work is detailed in the appended list, with photos of the properties available at
While my sons carry on the legacy built by my father and me, I am not done. I continue to meaningfully contribute through LinX and assist distressed cities in making their redevelopment areas developer ready. The ongoing Passaic Ventures are well under way, and I intend to include, in my focus, the state capitol, Trenton, a nut that has yet to be cracked.
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